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We are looking for applicants with proven leadership skills who are committed to operational excellence and customer service, and who demonstrate a strong willingness to learn and practice the Apple Hotel business model. Applicants must demonstrate satisfactory managerial and business acumen, including an aptitude for successfully running a business and interacting with customers, employees, suppliers, lenders, fellow franchisees, their local communities and the franchisor.

Prior hospitality and customer service based experience is highly recommended. Applicants must also be committed to the advancement and growth of their business and have access to capital for reinvestment and new hotel development.

Minimum financial requirements for new franchisees are as follows:

1.    Minimum net worth of at least RM3,000,000*. Net worth may include liquid assets such as retirement accounts or pension-related funds, cash value of insurance policies, receivables, real estate and the value of ownership in privately held companies.

2.    Minimum liquid assets of at least RM500,000*. Liquid assets may include cash, money market accounts, certificates of deposit, publicly traded stocks and bonds.

3.    Payment of the RM5,000 Application Fee and RM25,000 Due Diligence & Area Research Fee prior to the commencement of training, and the RM25,000 Technical Assistance Fee upon execution of the Apple Hotel Franchise Agreement.

*Minimum net worth and liquid asset requirements apply to franchisees developing their first Apple Hotel outlet. The minimum financial requirement for new franchisees entering the system through the acquisition of multiple existing Apple Hotel outlets may be significantly higher and will be based on the capital structure of the transaction.

If you are interested in Apple Hotel franchise opportunities, please click here to request for Prospective Franchise Questionnaire.