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Franchise Fair at Kuantan

Franchise Fair at Kuantan

Apple Hotel in Kuantan Franchise Fair 2011

Apple Hotel has continued it’s love affair with the strength of the Franchise Fair. The Budget Hotel from Kuala Lumpur has taken the show on the road to Kuantan. Apple Hotel has already established itself as a brand however taking the show on the road can only enhance it’s brand power.

The team at the show is Lead by CEO Jerry Ho. Apple Hotel aims to launch many other similar hotels to the one in Jalan Alor around Malaysia and the first giant step was taken at the Franchise Expo in Kuala Lumpur. The hotel aims to provide future Franchises in other locations with knowledge on what to expect within it’s business model. Already a leader in budget hotel market, Apple Hotel has taken the search for new franchisees to other locations starting with Kuantan.

With already a a majority of locations locked in, Apple Hotel is still searching for the right Franchisees. The Franchise Fair around country will lift the profile of the hotel and give applicants a chance to meet the staff and talk to CEO Mr Jerry Ho in person. He will be able to answer all questions including his vast knowledge of all the challenges on owning a Hotel.

All potential future franchisees are required to fill a questionnaire before proceeding to the next step, an official meeting with the Hotel owners. Apple Hotel is currently based in Jalan Alor, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur however with phase two under way, the hotel aims to have another 50 plus rooms to add to continue it’s growth.

The Franchise Fair will continue to run on Sunday and future applicants can visit the green apple both and have an opportunity to speak to Mr Ho and Hotel Manager Mr Ali. Apple Hotel continues to grow from strength to strength as a recognizable brand in Malaysia Hotel industry.

The Budget Hotel Industry in Malaysia is one of the most competitive however with a mix of good marketing and great brand exposure, Apple Hotel is setting itself apart from the others.

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